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UTV/ATV Cover Installation Guide

Please see the ATV/UTV cover instructions below

1. Check your ATV for any sharp objects or corners. Place rags or foam over sharp objects before applying your cover to avoid stress on your storage cover as you pull it on.

2. Locate the “FRONT” tag at the front of the cover. Position the cover on top of the unit. Carefully pull over handlebars, racks, etc. The cover is designed to reach over most front/rear rack combinations and cover most of the wheels.

3. Once the cover is on your ATV go to the back of the ATV and tighten the pull cords.

4. Standing in front of your ATV you will find 2 straps located on the left side of the ATV, pull these straps under the ATV to the right side and clip them onto the corresponding buckles.

5. Behind the ATV is a 3rd strap, pull this strap under the ATV going to the front of the ATV and plug into the Buckle located on the front of your ATV.

6. Tighten all straps slowly until the cover is wrapped onto the ATV.

7. The zipper is for access within the ATV without the need to pull off the cover, please make sure this is closed during trailering & storage use.

Click here to Download PDF instructions on how to install a Seal Skin UTV/ATV Cover.

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