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Snowmobile Cover Installation Guide


When transporting your snowmobile on a trailer or an open vehicle be sure to use and tighten all the straps-the cover could blow off and cause injury to others.


Failure to use and tighten all the straps when transporting your snowmobile on a trailer or an open vehicle can cause damage to your cover.

  1. Cover any sharp points (such as a windshield corner) with cloth or a sponge to avoid stressing your cover when it is stretched tight across your
  2. Find the label with arrows sewn in the hem of the cover-this is the front of your cover. Now stretch the cover down over your snowmobile making sure that the front struts are covered. There are straps and buckles for securing the front corners of the cover to the struts of the sled. Find these straps and buckles and run the male buckle around each strut and clip it to the corresponding female buckle. Pull the strap tight to secure it (Fig. 1).
  3. Locate the strap [Al in the middle of your cover (Fig. 1). From where the strap attaches to the cover, run the strap end with the male buckle under your snowmobile and then back up to clip it into the female buckle on the opposite side.
  4. Run the forward strap [Bl under your snowmobile behind the ski struts and connect it into the buckle on the opposite side (Fig. 1).
  5. Run the rear strap [Cl under the tail of your snowmobile into the buckle on the opposite side.
  6. There are three tension panels with webbing and metal hooks for securing the cover for trailering. The hooks can be attached to the sled or to the trailer.
  7. Locate the front tension panel [Dl with a webbing strap and a metal hook (Fig. 1). Attach the metal hook to the front strut and tighten strap using the ladder lock buckle.
  8. Locate the other two tension panels [El and [Fl in the seat area of your sled. Attach the metal hooks and tighten the strap using the buckles. (These straps can be removed and stored when the cover is used just for storage.)
  9. Tighten ALL the straps as necessary for a tight fit on your snowmobile.


If you plan to cover your snowmobile while transporting it on a trailer or open vehicle you must use and carefully tighten all the provided straps to hold your cover down in the winds created by high speed travel. When first using your cover for highway travel we suggest you check your cover after you have driven a short distance.


Clean your cover with a soft brush and some lukewarm water. It may also be machine washed in COLD water. DO NOT USE SOAP, as it may remove the protective coatings added by the factory. Line dry or machine dry on air or delicate.


A handy storage sack is attached to the rear of your cover. Be sure the cover is completely dry before you store it in the sack for an extended period.

Click here to Download PDF instructions on how to install a Seal Skin Snowmobile Cover.

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