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Jet Ski Cover Installation Guide

Please see the Jet Ski cover instructions below

  1. Cover any sharp points with cloth or a sponge to avoid stressing or tearing your cover. The jetski should be cleaned before the cover is fitted. If any dirt, dust or grit gets between the cover and the surface of the jetski, abrasion may occur.
  2. Drape your cover over your personal watercraft (P.W.C.) or Jetski with the tapered end marked “FRONT” at the bow but keep it loose and do not put over the front hull until after step 3.
  3. Fit the Jet Ski Handle bars first on the cover
  4. Pull the cover to the front of the jetski rub rail.
  5. Finally pull towards the back of your jet ski rub rail.
  6. Make a final walk around and pull your cover below the rub rail around your entire P.W.C.

Click here to Download PDF instructions on how to install a Seal Skin Jet Ski Cover..

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