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Boat Cover Support Pole System Guide

Boat Cover Support Pole
Safeguard your boat on dry land. Get your Boat Cover Support Pole and sail worry-free!

Installing the support pole is a breeze.

Step 1
Start by unrolling your cover and placing it loosely on your boat.

Step 2
Carefully Remove the Support pole from its storage bag. Then, ensure you've adjusted the length of your support pole to perfectly fit your boat's dimensions. Loosen the locking rod screw, pull out the telescopic rod before locking.

Step 3
Next, take the Boat Cover Support Pole and seamlessly attach the webbing fixed disc on top of it using the G1/4 Quick Remove Screw.

Step 4
Now, it's time to enhance the support. Take the fixed webbing straps and insert them into each part of the webbing fixed disc.

Step 5
Complete the setup by attaching the other end of (the hook) – to each corner of your boat.

And there you have it! Your Boat Cover Support Pole is now in place, creating a protective ridge that minimizes water pooling and maximizes the life of your cover.

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Click here to Download PDF instructions on how to install a Seal Skin Boat Support Pole System.